Hills Brewery’s technologists had been acknowledged as inventors

Hills WEINBEERE won a patent license for its recently launched grape beer

Our farewell to 2020 goes with a patent for the new inventive recipe of our Technologists – Hills Weinbeere. It contains the 4 main ingredients for a real beer and the 5th one is the key to this newly-born drink. It is the natural white grapes juice which is added from the very beginning and is fermenting as one with the beer. The recipe consists of four types of high-quality malt, three different sorts of hops (two fragrant ones and a bitter one) and of course – water and beer yeast.

What does this mean? Well, something never done before for sure.

The bouquet of the many different aromas envelops in a completely unique taste. The sensation of drinking this beverage is so rich we can’t even put it into words.

We have good news for everyone! Another round of this limited brew has been made, so those who have tried it can enjoy it once again and those who haven’t – well, you are in for a treat!

It was a challenge to make this brew at first because we were purely experimenting. No one has ever tried combining these certain ingredients with the usual ones, so we didn’t know how it would turn out. Luckily, the complex solution is rich with glucose and fructose, so it worked well with the yeast.

Says The Team

The maturation period is around 60 days and as a complete product,Hills Weinbeere is a genuine, but at the same time very different beer, because of the white grape juice.

This is how Hills Brewery team presents it:

In the process of brewing, we never used any enzymes to separate the starch from the malt. Hills Weinbeere is not pasteurized, nor filtered. That is why this beer is full of B-vitamins like niacin, riboflavin, pyridoxine, folic acid etc. Despite all of this, the taste and aroma are just what we wanted them to be. We are completely satisfied with the outcome.

The inventors claimed.


Bright yellow color with good intensity and rich, dense foam.

The aroma is a fresh combination of well-defined malt tones, fruity nuances and a feeling of fragrant spring flowers.

The taste is extremely complex, rich, dense and soft.

Consumption temperature: 8˚- 10 ˚

The series is limited, and it comes 750 ml bottles, with a gold wax finish on the throat. You can order it online or in the specialized shops/bars for craft beer Nosferatu Craft Beer Shop and KANAAL in Sofia, as well as permanentrly in the bar-shop in Plovdiv – Wunderbaer Hills beer bar&shop.

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